Pecha Kucha

A Pecha Kucha presentation is a format that originated in Tokyo and aims for a concise, rapid-fire presentation style. The structure is very specific:

  1. Total Slides: 20 slides
  2. Duration: Each slide is displayed for exactly 20 seconds
  3. Total Time: 6 minutes and 40 seconds

Key Elements:

  1. Introduction: Introduce the topic and the reason it’s important or interesting.
  2. Content Blocks: The slides are usually divided into content blocks, each addressing a sub-topic or idea related to the main theme.
  3. Visual Focus: The slides are often more visual than text-heavy, designed to complement the spoken words.
  4. Narrative: It’s not just about isolated facts or figures but about telling a compelling story or argument.
  5. Closure: Conclude the presentation by summarizing the key points and making a final impactful statement or call to action.

Effective Strategies:

  1. Start Strong: Catch the audience’s attention with an intriguing question or surprising fact.
  2. Be Cohesive: Ensure that each slide logically flows into the next.
  3. Simplicity: Don’t try to cover too much. Pick a narrow topic and go deep, or give a broad overview but don’t go too deep.
  4. Practice: With such strict time constraints, timing your script to coincide with the slides is essential.
  5. Engagement: Involve the audience with questions or thought-provoking statements.

The rigid format encourages concise, clear presentations and keeps audiences engaged. It’s particularly useful for overview talks, where the goal is to convey the essence of a topic or idea rather than delve into minute details.

Below is a table that could be used to design a Pecha Kucha presentation. The table includes a column for slide number, what the content of each slide should be, the main idea for that slide, and any notes you might have for what to say during those 20 seconds.

Slide NoContent TypeMain IdeaSpeaker Notes
1IntroductionTopic IntroductionIntroduce the topic and why it’s important.
2OverviewAgendaBriefly outline what you will cover.
3Content Block 1Sub-topic 1Introduce the first sub-topic.
4Content Block 1Point 1.1Elaborate on the first point of sub-topic 1.
5Content Block 1Point 1.2Discuss the second point of sub-topic 1.
6Content Block 2Sub-topic 2Introduce the second sub-topic.
7Content Block 2Point 2.1Explain the first point of sub-topic 2.
8Content Block 2Point 2.2Discuss the second point of sub-topic 2.
9Content Block 3Sub-topic 3Introduce the third sub-topic.
10Content Block 3Point 3.1Elaborate on the first point of sub-topic 3.
11Content Block 3Point 3.2Discuss the second point of sub-topic 3.
12Content Block 4Sub-topic 4Introduce the fourth sub-topic.
13Content Block 4Point 4.1Discuss the first point of sub-topic 4.
14Content Block 4Point 4.2Elaborate on the second point of sub-topic 4.
15SummaryRecapSummarize key points from each sub-topic.
16ConclusionFinal ThoughtsConclude with final thoughts or a call to action.
17Q&AQuestionsInvite the audience to ask questions.
18AcknowledgmentsThank YouAcknowledge any help or sources.
19Contact InfoContact DetailsProvide your contact information.
20End SlideFarewellThank the audience for their time.

This table can be modified based on the specific needs of your topic, but it gives you a good structure to start planning your Pecha Kucha presentation.